Cancer weekly horoscope 30 october 2019

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone. Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships. You do plenty else…but Libra season is indeed the best time of year to focus on your domestic interests. As the sun moves through Libra, it illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your home, family life, your past, ancestors, and early memories.

October opens on a very intense note as sweet Venus in Libra clashes with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing up issues concerning jealousy, obsession, and even manipulation. This is an important time to get real about any shady behavior taking place in your personal life and relationships and to bring in an unbiased third party to witness you detangling yourself from people who are being psychic vampires.

An important shift in your relationships takes place on October 3 as Pluto ends its retrograde, shining an important light on the power dynamics in your partnerships. The mood is heavy, but creativity is flowing as communication planet Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3. Mercury in Scorpio finds you exchanging flirtatious messages, as well as attending parties and having intriguing conversations that inspire you to pursue your creative interests.

Luckily, strategic Mars in diplomatic Libra is great at doing just that. Surprising news arrives as Mercury opposes Uranus in Taurus on October 7, especially concerning your social circle. Unexpected drama takes place due to contrary opinions and, frankly, boredom. The sun clashes with Saturn in Capricorn on October 7, creating stress in your personal life and in your relationships. A feeling of rejection and restriction is in the atmosphere, but romance flows as Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio on October 8. This is a creative, fertile time for you, dear crab.

Venus in Scorpio is a fantastic opportunity for you to party and have fun, make love, create art, and enjoy life. Unexpected drama arrives again on October 12 as Venus opposes Uranus. You're simply done with whatever in your life doesn't give you that spark of inspiration and passion; you're craving freedom, want to experiment, and are ready to cut ties with anything or anyone who is holding you back.

The full moon in Aries arrives on October 13, bringing attention to your career and public life. A culmination is taking place in a career goal, or a climax is being reached in a situation concerning your reputation or popularity. If you've been doing good work, the spotlight may fall on you as you receive rewards and recognition.

Your Weekly Horoscope for September 30-October 6:

On an emotional level, this full moon finds you asking if you're passionate about your goals and has you considering what you want your legacy to be. Flashes of brilliance appear soon enough, but the overall flavour is confrontational. Political and military lines are drawn in the sand, so make peace with your partner and avoid war-zones! Fortunate colors are grape green and silver. Lucky numbers are 33 and You feel ill at ease. The tension remains high, but friends and other allies come to your aid as the day draws on.

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Something is wrong, but it's hard to put your finger on it. Propitious colors are burnished gold and russet brown. Lucky numbers are 15 and Pleasant relations in your neighborhood are favoured. You may also have the opportunity to increase contacts or improve relationships with brothers, sisters, cousins, and in-laws. Some of your best social opportunities this month are right in your immediate environment.

Favorable colors are electric blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 11 and Thu Oct 4: Brainstorm The Moon and Mars combine to give you creative inspiration today, but it won't be without a struggle. This is a great day to brainstorm with others, and even disagreements should be productive. If you keep a positive attitude, much can be accomplished, but a positive attitude is imperative.

Otherwise, you'll have plenty of great ideas but no co-operation. Benefical colors are soft pink and sparkling green. Lucky numbers are 14 and Fri Oct 5: Recharge Your Batteries The Moon is moving through your twelfth house of secrets and solitude, urging you to recharge your spiritual batteries. You may be low on energy, which is normal during your low lunar cycle.

Find a way to make time for yourself so that you can tend to your own needs for a change.

As Saturn and Mercury enter Scorpio, your lovelife may become restricted, and relations with children become more onerous. Taking chances with money is not recommended. Favorable colours are aqua and lavender. Lucky numbers are 12 and Sat Oct 6: Under The Weather It may be quite hard to get out of bed this morning, but you need to meet your responsibilities as the week begins. Some of you may truly be under the weather, which often happens when the Moon crosses the twelfth house.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Stay home if you need to; otherwise, keep a slow and steady pace throughout the day. You can make it if you persevere! Fortunate colors are dove gray and teal. Lucky numbers are 3 and You feel good and it shows; people will be drawn to you more than usual today.

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After work activities may be fun for you, so don't rule out an impromptu gathering. Those with children might consider renting a fun movie and ordering pizza so you can sit back and spend time with them tonight. Auspicious colors are cinnabar and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and Mon Oct 8: Excitement Plus There's excitement in the air for many of you, making today perfect for fun activities. You're especially creative, so allow your talents to shine today. A friend may need help with costume ideas; if so, they have come to the right person!

You'll enjoy preparing your home and family for social events and good times just as much as you'll enjoy participating! Advantageous colors are cherry red and cream.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of September 30 – October 6

Lucky numbers are 19 and As much as you'd like to spend money today, you're better off with your nose to the grindstone. You're very productive as motivation sets in, so focus your energy on work. There may be some confusing red tape to cut through, but trust in yourself: you're up to the task. Benefical colors are copper and fern green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8. Wed Oct Astute Crabs The Moon moves through Leo and your second house of personal finances and values today, making some of you more mindful of your budget.

This is fine, as Cancer natives are often very resourceful! Careful shopping may yield some great bargains.


Keep your eyes open for a good deal. Advantageous colors are copper and silver. Thu Oct Gabfest The Moon moves through Virgo and your third house of communications today, making it a great day for a Gabfest. Take this opportunity to respond to your phone calls and email; you'll be extra efficient and effective with words.

Someone at work may get on your nerves by saying something that doesn't sit right with you; let it slide if you want to make a good impression on your higher ups.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 7th October 2019 - Venus gives you added magic...

Auspicious colors are golden amber and sky blue. Fri Oct Listen Up Your partner may have a lot to say as the Moon clashes with Mars today; bite your tongue and listen. You may have quite a few words of your own, but hear your partner out first. This can be a good day for clearing up misunderstandings and making your feelings understood Benefical colors are red coral and baby blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and Sat Oct Happy At Home You'll be happy at home tonight as the Moon transits your fourth house of home and family; however, your mate may want to go out on the town.

You'll be torn between what you want to do and what your most significant other desires. Don't go out if you think you will be miserable; that will only start a fight. Be honest about the way you feel, and don't be hurt if you spend the evening alone this time.

Favorable colors are oyster and pale green. Lucky numbers are 20 and Sun Oct Epiphany You may have an epiphany while contemplating the lint in your bellybutton today; don't be afraid to clean out your gutters or take a peek inside your junk drawer. Cleaning anything will lift you to your higher ground, so take a deep breath and dive in. If you are stuck in an office, spend the day cleaning your desk. You'll look busy, so no one will know the difference. Advantageous colors are cobalt blue and cream. Lucky numbers are 32 and Mon Oct New Moon Today's New Moon helps you make a new beginning in family matters; take this opportunity to re-evaluate your home life.

If you are having difficulties in a significant relationship, it could be more about the past than the present. Take the time to work things out and start by realising what was then, and what is now. Benefical colors are pale green and oyster. Lucky numbers are 6 and Tue Oct Out Of Your Shell The Moon enters your fifth house of romance and creativity, making today a potentially fun and lighthearted day. This is a time for new beginnings in love, so be open to a romantic renaissance. A picnic by the shore or in the park will get things humming along nicely Auspicious colors are royal purple and crimson.

Lucky numbers are 7 and Show this affection to the ones you love.