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Here is how to find your Personal Year number:

To be honest, I feel like I am this kind and gentle person waking up on one hand and the subconsciously mind-controlled bundle of anger and fear. It is hard to overcome the past and the associations that are making up my thought patterns. A life-long task, I assume. That is the path of true enlightenment my friend and it shows you're on the right road, it's hard as it has to be worked for and worked through..

Equally, our individual struggles are indicative of the macro struggle for balance that humanity currently faces. We all need to find a way to let go and let our path guide us.. There are a million voices telling us that it's this way or that way but in many ways an enlightenment is more about unlearning than learning, it's about knowing and listening to inner wisdom.

At it's most simplistic and complex core the nature of reality is a play of energy.. If you ever need a different perspective.. I went more in depth on the Master 11 and in my second comment on your first post of The Economist magazine. I've been hearing a lot about something happening this November as well.

You definitely seem to be unto something here I just hope whatever happens that it's beneficial to the "good team" and a huge detriment to the others Thanks for the compliment. These energies - if you believe in them - are neutral and can be used for both good and bad. Whatever happens, we need to stay strong and focused and open our hearts for love. Maybe this is nothing but the urgency of our time in general asks for healing ourselves first in order to change the world. Wow, I didn't hear about this before, went googling after about a possible new world currency.

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Interesting topic. Yes, it is super fascinating. Interestingly I haven't found much about that date. I was assuming that there is a whole conspiracy section for that but so far this runs under the radar.

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Either way, is probably very memorable in the long run. Great post - very informative - It seems that numbers control the universe, or are at least the framework. I am also always very aware when You got my attention so a new follower..

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Great, I am glad you found some value in this. It is an interesting topic and few people talk about it. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Significance of the Number 11 After stumbling over a post by positivesynergy mentioning the day November 11, as a triple Master Number 11 day I have started to read into that matter myself. Common reasons: Disagreement on rewards Fraud or plagiarism Hate speech or trolling Miscategorized content or spam. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Sign up.

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March 20th Is the fullness and fruition of the occultic Mars ingress March 20th Was exactly days after the attacks. That quiz sounds very interesting. Time is the framework on which we evolve. We are all 1s. We are all equal. We experienced similar movement in , also an 11 Year , but we were in the decade of the 0s back then. Although we experienced a global financial crisis which almost caused the collapse of the world economy, things are more intense this time around because it is occurring in the decade of the 10s — the number that brings everything not just the economy to the next level, which, time-wise, is and the decade of the 20s.

On November 4, , at the height of the greed-driven financial melt-down, Barack Obama was elected the 44th president, and 1st black president, of the United States. His birth name, Barack Hussain Obama, converts into the numbers — the emergency code for the United States — and the code of reversal in numerology. In the previous century, the only times we experienced this and combination were in and , which are in themselves variations of and This occurred in New York the 11th State , on September 11, , when the Twin Towers the largest symbol of 11 in the world were razed to the ground by 2 planes, killing 2, people, and injuring 6, more.

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These are the numbers of reversal, emergence, and emergency. The historic significance of this date has much to teach us. Kristallnacht — Nazi Germany — 9 November, a contrived attack on Jews led to their open persecution, concentration camps, state terrorism — and World War 2 in Then, 4 years later in , the European Union was formed, not only as an economic measure, but most importantly, to prevent another world war from ever happening again.

If the date of 27 November holds, it will be a day in the world.

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It runs from November 5 to 11 — the last day of which is November This gives us But history is poised to repeat itself, as a wave of hate and heartlessness rises throughout the world, yet again. The difference this time is our position in the journey. We are here to LIVE, to recognize and fulfill our potential and become who we really are — instead of being told by those who are trapped in the past, who we should be. The new millennium of the s is indeed a different age. A different number.

An entirely different frequency.

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In the new millennium, we will be experiencing an Year every 9 Years. And it is in the 11th month of these Years that major evolutionary steps are most likely to occur. These months are evolutionary indicators — brilliantly-lit sign-posts — on the road of life. This applies as much to the small decisions we make in our everyday lives, as it does to the big ones. Previous choices LED us to our present reality, and the choices we make now are shaping the future.

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Then at this time, set a new intention, affirmation or do a heart opening exercise to help you awaken to whatever messages you need to hear. November 11, is also a great day to reach out your angels and spirit guides for divine inspiration. Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats. Share this:.